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Assessments for tax payments on inheritance and gifts?

Algemeen, 25 april 2018

SchenkenNo interest on tax

For tax assessments on death inheritance from 1st January 2017 these problems mean there is currently no interest on tax. This was confirmed in a letter to the Second Legislative Chamber by Secretary of State Snel from the Ministry of Finance. According to Mr Snel, these measures will apply ‘as long as necessary’.

Tax assessments have been delayed

The setup of a system to assess inheritance tax has also been delayed. This also applies to demands for tax on gifts received in 2017. The date that you will receive such demands will depend on whether you have applied for an exemption for your own home. For housing, there is an additional exemption of € 100,000 under the terms of the rules on gift tax.

If you have requested such an exemption, you will receive a definitive assessment no later than 2021. If you have not requested this exemption you will receive the definitive assessment at the end of 2019. 
You will first receive a provisional gift tax assessment, based on your own declaration.

Online declaration

The delay regarding gift tax assessments was caused – among other things – by the fact that online declarations can now also be made. Automation problems have also emerged here.

If you would like more information about the processing of inheritance and gift tax assessments, please contact us.

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